Association Profile
The Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association (HKCCMA) is an independent and non-profit making organization established in 1998. There are presently about 60 members. They come from a wide spectrum of industry and represent the major critical component manufacturers in Hong Kong.

The establishment of the association is aimed at strengthening the communication within the industry,promoting the industry, assisting local manufacturers in adopting new technologies, skills, information and management, in order to elevate the international reputation of the local industry and to advance Hong Kong as a critical component manufacturing centre. For these purposes, the association will frequently participate and organise industrial activities, such as study missions, business conferences, seminars and exhibitions. The association will also release opinions to government authorities and trade organizations, link with other science and technology organizations in overseas and Mainland China and develop business partners with overseas buyers.


1. Bring about more interaction and cooperation among members, and establish links with local government authorities and trade and industrial organizations to reflect members' opinion collectively.

2. Communicate with academic and research institutes in Mainland China and overseas, and generate more business and trade opportunities.

3. Assist manufacturers in enhancing their business performance and competitiveness in the global marketplace through introducing the latest development in technology, engineering, information and management.

4. Promote Hong Kong as the manufacturing centre of critical components.



(甲) 促進會員間之溝通、交流和合作,與本地公營和私營機構、工業和貿易團體聯繫和反映會員的集體意見。
(乙) 與海外及大陸相關行業及學術與研究機構接觸,為會員提供商機。
(丙) 協助同業在科技、製作工藝、生產程序、資訊和管理技術上提升業界在國際市場上的競爭力。
(丁) 推廣香港作為關鍵性零部件製造中心,並關注關鍵性零部件製造業的權益。