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 致 香港關鍵性零部件製造業協會各會員及友好:




活動(1)Business of IP Asia Forum

Jointly organised by the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Design Centre, BIP Asia Forum brings IP professionals and business leaders from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the IP world, and to explore business collaboration opportunities. The fourth edition of the Forum was held on 4-5 December 2014 with great success, featuring over 80 prominent speakers sharing their insights and attracted more than2,000 IP professionals and industry players to attend. The next edition will return on 3-4 December 2015. Stay tuned for more updates on our website!


Organiser: HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Design Centre

Date: 3-4 Dec 2015 (Thur – Fri)

Time: TBC

Language: English

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Enquiry:[email protected]

Program Website: http://bipasiaforum.com/en/info_aboutbip.html


活動(2):誠邀出席 - 國際中小企博覽


日期:二零一五年十二 月三至五日 虛擬貨幣 交易平台 (星期四至六)




查詢:Tel: +852 1830 668或Email: [email protected]




活動(3): FITMI理事會就職暨第五屆中銀香港FITMI成就大獎2015頒獎典禮
時間:晚上六時 – 酒會恭候;晚上七時 – 入席、頒獎典禮及晚宴
地點:香港亞洲國際博覽館 虛擬貨幣台灣 Runway11
(i)一席(12位): HK$11,800
查詢:盧小姐( Tel: + 8523759 8902) 


活動(4):衝擊生活的嶄新3D 打印技術應用證書課程
本課程將為不同人士提供3D 打印之入門知識。學員將接觸由3D 打印理論、立體繪圖設計至3D 打印體驗等不同領域。另外,教導學員建立不同應用性之3D 打印機將會是本課程之另一特點,學員能藉此學習建立不同應用性3D 打印機,完成課程後能利用3D 打印機開展不同商機。同時,學員亦可了解3D 打印機所涉及之B2C 服務,藉此利用3D 打印技術開拓新市場。


日期:二零一五年十二月十六日至二零一六年一月二十七日 (逢週三及週六


地點:香港九龍塘達之路78 號生產力大樓一樓。(九龍塘港鐵站C 出口)


費用:港幣5,800 元(此證書課程正在申請新科技培訓計劃資助劃審批後最高可獲HK$2,700 費用回贈)

查詢:莫紫彤小姐( Tel: + 852 27885920/ Email: [email protected]) 或 周聖胤小姐( Tel: + 852 27885554/ Email: [email protected])

報名: 請將港幣支票連同附件報名表於開課前送至或寄抵「香港生產力促進局」,地址: 香港九龍達之路78 號生產力大樓地庫一樓,莫紫彤小姐收。(支票請書明支付「香港生產力促進局」,並請劃線)

*出席率達8 成或以上之學員可獲香港生產力促進局頒發之出席證書一張。 台灣 交易平台


活動(5)Overseas Training to Germany on Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Optics

Liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) are gaining more and more importance in the production of flexible plastic parts, particularly in the optics industry. It is also replacing glass in many optical applications including lens and light pipe due to its optical stability, flexibility and durability. Germany, as one of the pioneers in autonomous production, has been developing special injection molding solution for processing LSR over the years. The delegates of this training course will gain comprehensive understanding on the whole manufacturing process of LSR optics products, from part design through finished part, allowing further exploration on business opportunities in the industries.


Organiser: Hong Kong Productivity Council

Date: 29 Feb 2016 – 4 Mar 2016

Time: TBC

Venue: Germany

Fee: HK$28,000.- per participant (NTTS fund has been applying for this training mission. Successful applicant may get reimbursed up to 50%/ HK$14,000 of the training fee.)

Language: English

Enquiry:Mr CH CHEUNG ( Tel: + 852 27885007/ Email:[email protected]) 或 Ms Kany ZHOU ( Tel: + 852 27885554/ Email: [email protected])


Registration & Details: Please find the attachment



如欲獲取更多有關以上活動資訊,請瀏覽本會網站 (www.hkccma.org)。


聯絡辦事處  謹啟


電話:(852) 2788 5547

傳真:(852) 3187 4543

電郵:  [email protected]






 Association Profile

Overview of the Critical Components Industry

The critical components industry constitutes an important industrial sector of Hong Kong. It produces an extensive range of products including high precision components related to optics, mechanic, electronics, magnetic, and physical chemistry. Typical examples are LCD, PCB, magnetic head, hard disk components, micro motor, power supplier, connector, semi-conductor, lead frame and optical lens. All these components are critical to the successful development of the end-product manufacturing sectors.

There are presently over 1,000 manufacturers engaged in the local critical component manufacturing industry, employing 500,000 employees in Hong Kong and the district of Pearl River Delta. In 1998, the industry's total amount of domestic export and re-export (originated from PRC) added up to over HK$75 billions.

The development of critical component industry implies a strategic meaning to the future of the local manufacturing sector.

As a result of high cost of production, moving towards up-market and high value-added production have become the only way for industrial development, thus, a great potential in value-added ability of critical component is prompted.

There are several advantages of developing critical component industry:

1. the industry occupies only a small production area as products are in tiny size,

2. the industry will effectively enhance the value-added production as it is technology intensive and requires high degree of automation,

3. critical component will also bring a positive effect in product design and development of the local manufacturing sector, and

4. it reduces the monopoly of components by foreign countries.



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